How the Internet of Things (IoT) Gaining Fast Momentum Through Mobile Apps

Gaining Fast Momentum
  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • June 26, 2018
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Creating wireless connection between devices and mobile applications is what we call Internet of Things (IoT) in the IT arena. IoT is creating news every single day; the formation of Internet of Things in the industry is slow but steady. Now, mobile applications are influenced by Internet of Things.

However, mobile technology has proven the revolutionization in the tech world along with similar advanced technologies like, VR, AR etc. By applying the concept of Internet of Things in mobile app, devices can operate at any time and from any place. If you are in the office and you want to lock your car, your app functions can help you operate your car through an application. Also, smartphones provide real-time updates to the user with IoT.

Current world is addicted to this technology without being aware of it. According to Statista, with over 30 billion devices expected to be installed by 2020 industries like Automotive, Travel, Transportation, and Hospitality will have the highest annual spending. Let’s dig more into how they are connected?

1. How Internet of Things and Mobile App are integrated?

Improvement in mobile app technology has created an easy lifestyle for people. Currently, a lot of businesses are operating on the online platform. The Inclusion of Internet of Things in devices will add a security layer as it improves productivity and response times.

The programming interface between devices requires software support of Internet of Things enabled devices for mobile apps. Integration happens with the API.
It communicates with the APIs: it allows applications to communicate with each manufacturer’s IoT device.
The data interface enables these devices to transmit data to your applications with the use of APIs. As an option they allow devices to use function interference.
Developers need to learn the API integration with the Internet of Things interference successfully.

For an instance::
Amazon Go is the most sophisticated online estore. With ‘Just Walk Out shopping experience, Amazon GO provides all the shopping detail into your mobile phones. There are more examples like Wearable watches, Smart sensor in Cars, Logistics and home automation.

2. What are the reasons for increasing popularity of Internet of Things (IoT)?

The customer is driven by the data technology for decision making process. These smart applications have brought a revolution in technology. They have transformed the way how humans work and interact with their surroundings. There are a lot of opportunities which people can avail of with the various uses of IoT in mobile apps.

• User Interference with physical objects:
Internet of Things changes rapidly and sets high technological standards for future. By using the IoT, we can directly connect to the device as per our requirement. I.e. if your house door is connected and has Internet of Things you can switch on the light or off the lights, lock/ unlock the door as it creates connection between device and app. If we talk about human interaction, it has already been implemented through Google Home, Alexa, Amazon Eco, and Apple’s HomePod. These all devices are powered by voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant. You need to connect all these devices to your phone and it will provide ease of function.

• Diversity in App usage:
The diversity of the physical items and products requires developers to create an application which supports those objects. Different items need to utilize various functionalities in the app. Consumer needs to learn those functionalities to operate the physical device. Your devices can be managed by mobile App in various industries like; Heating system, developing connection in logistics, to create smart homes, in agricultural industry, and also for inside car management. This huge diversity of usage in Internet of Things fills the gap between use of devices and customers.

• Inferiority in Risk:
When devices are connected to the internet, security issue occurs when it comes to personal data. The protection of the user ought to be paramount. Devices must have the capacity to distinguish and block out malware or threats. As the single device is connected to all networks, it leads to compromise in the entire network with simple malware. To protect the valuable data, you need to use encryption. Risk is lower when data is handled smartly and the app performs more than it has been programmed to do.

Thus, technology has completed changed the way we live and operate devices. The evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) is surely going to make the world of technology go topsy-turvy. Moreover, the internet is becoming less expensive and faster; as a result “Things” connect to the internet more quickly.

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