How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Smart Home App Like Vivint?

Vivint like app development
  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • October 14, 2020
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The world has gone mobile and this trend is believed to continue to exist even in many years to come. Today’s mobile technology has become more sophisticated than years ago, too. People no longer just use their mobile phones for communication purposes but also for many other activities, mostly associated with the internet- from shopping to gaming, from education to work, from business to connecting with different people from around the globe, and everything in between. You can now even use your mobile phones to control and monitor the things that are happening inside your home while you are away. You just need to use a dedicated smart home app like Vivint.

What is Vivint?

Vivint is a public smart home company that offers a smart home mobile app in Canada and the United States. The company was established in 1999 by Todd Pedersen and Keith Nellesen. Vivint helps make millions of homes and families in the USA and Canada safer, more secure, more convenient, more comfortable, and accessible through digital devices via their integrated smart home automation system. Apart from this, they also offer in-home consultation services, unparalleled support, and professional installation solutions.

Vivint is not only known as the leading smart home company in North America but also as one of the most influential and successful companies of its kind in the world. The success of Vivint and the sophistication of their integrated smart home system make them one of the very few competitive companies that many businesses and mobile smart home app development company look up to.

Vivint makes it easier for families to control and monitor their homes through their smart hub and smart home app. The smart hub is the central hub that serves as the heart of your smart home. It allows users to access information about their home and to control it from one central location. The smart hub makes it possible for you to arm or disarm the security devices in your home, view and monitor the feeds captured by your doorbell camera and wireless security cameras, to communicate with the alarm monitoring station, and to talk to the person next to your front door.

Whilst, the smart home app enables users to remotely access their smart home from different locations using their internet-connected digital devices. The smart home app allows you to get access to the recorded clips and live feeds of your wireless security cameras, arm or disarm smart security devices, lock or unlock front doors, adjust your smart home’s thermostat, and receive security alerts and notifications.

How much does it cost to develop app like Vivint?

Redefining home experience with intelligent services and products is becoming a trend nowadays. This is why many businesses and even private individuals are getting interested in building their own Vivint-like app. Whether you are a smart home app development company, a digital agency that offers smart home app development services, or a private individual planning to build his own smart home mobile app like Vivint, one of the critical things that you need to know to get your project started is the cost of Vivint like app development.

But how much does it cost to develop app like Vivint? Though it seems impossible to know the exact figures, we can still get ideas on how much budget we need to set to cover the cost of Vivint like app development. Here are a few things that contribute to the cost of development.

Type of smart home app

develop app like vivint

The type of app that you want to build contributes a lot to the cost of Vivint like app development. When it comes to smart home apps, you need to identify first what products the app will cover. You can either develop a single-purpose app or a multi-purpose app.

The single-purpose app is used to manage one specific product only. This product can be your home’s thermostat, kettle, door locks, smart cameras, light bulbs, or security alarm system. The multi-purpose app, on the other hand, is a more complicated application. If you want to embrace more than one product or you want to cover all features in a typical smart home system under one roof, you will need to build a multi-purpose app.

The cost of Vivint like app development depends on whether you will build a single-purpose app or a multi-purpose app. The single-purpose app is easier and faster to build and it also includes fewer features. On the contrary, building a multi-purpose app requires more time and resources as it includes more features and a more complicated process. This makes it more expensive to create than the single-purpose app.

Features to include

In a nutshell, the more features you want to integrate into the app, the more expensive it is to develop app like Vivint. You may also need the help of a reliable digital agency that provides smart home app development services.

To help you figure out how much is the estimated cost to develop app like Vivint, here’s a list of common smart mobile app features and the estimated time the smart home app development company needs to complete them.

develop app like vivint
  • User login – FB SDK, Log In with Twitter, and Instagram Basic Display API
    • o4+ hours of smart home app development services for UI/UX design
    • o8+ hours for feature integration per
    • o8+ hours for developing the app back-end using NodeJS
  • Navigation Bar – Human Interface Guidelines
    • 24+ hours for app back-end tasks
    • 15+ hours of smart home app development services for Android or iOS development.
  • Geolocation- Google Maps API
    • 8+ hours of smart home app development services for back-end tasks
    • 8+ hours for design creation
    • 8+ hours for Android apps
    • 8+ hours for iOS apps
  • Database
    • 10+ hours for back-end tasks
    • 8+ hours for Android apps
    • 8+ hours for iOS apps
  • Push Notifications – Firebase Cloud Messaging (Android) and Apple Push Notification Service (APNS)
    • 24+ hours of smart home app development services for FCM Android app feature integration
    • 24+ hours of smart home app development services for APSN Apple app feature integration

The other costs associated with developing a smart home app include but not limited to:

  • 24+ hours for environment setup
  • 160+ hours for design planning, drafting, and creation
  • 100+ hours for project management
  • 30+ for project documentation
  • 120+ hours for QA
  • 20+ hours for back-end architecture development
  • 60+ hours for bug identification and fixing

The one-size-fits-all rule does not apply to identify the cost of developing a smart home app. Every app is unique on its own and therefore requires different time frames to complete. If you want to develop app like Vivint, knowing these basic features and the corresponding time needed to complete them will give you an idea of how much you will likely spend for your app. In general, though, developing a simple smart home app can cost you around $30,000. Expect to spend more if you want to develop a multi-purpose app. Also, the cost will depend on how much the smart home app development company charge per hour for each specific task.

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