Three Signs Saying You Should Outsource Mobile App Development

Outsource Mobile App
  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • July 29, 2017
  • 2 min read

Application Outsourcing is an arrangement made for the application services which includes system maintenance, new development, packaged application management, offshore programming and employee augmentation. Outsourcing the mobile application development process to external vendors is a healthy approach for the business as it reduces the workload from the company and is cost effective as well. It is the most obvious reason for outsourcing. One can get their job done with better quality at a lower cost.

Outsourcing a portion of business has become the latest buzz in the IT industry. Outsourcing can help you to focus on the core areas of your business without the tension looming about your mobile app development wing. This way you can move on to provide some best value added services.

Outsourcing is needed for almost every IT company as it is not possible for every business owner to provide the infrastructure and resources for completing a project. On the other hand, the outsourcing company takes the full responsibility of the project, and you just have to pay when the project is delivered. Choosing a trustworthy and reliable offshore partner is very important, specifically when it comes to outsourcing. India is the biggest market in that case and reduced cost doesn’t mean reduced quality of work. Here are three signs which point out that it is time to outsource mobile application development.

• The project is taking too long to complete:

If the company’s area of expertise is in different platform, but the services you provide also requires mobile application development, and by chance, you are not blessed with the best mobile app developers, then the project can take more time than expected to complete. Thus, it becomes time-consuming and moreover, almost one year is required to deliver a finished application to the client. It could affect your company’s reputation if you failed to deliver the project on time. Therefore, when you outsource your project to an offshore partner, they will be equipped with a skilled workforce trained specially in the development field. They can complete your projects on time. The offshore companies possess all the right tools and infrastructure with technological advancements to develop your enterprise-grade mobile application.

• You are not equipped with the sufficient infrastructure and technology:

If you are not in the position of investing in the infrastructure and new technologies, then you will find it difficult to complete the project. When there is no infrastructure and the required technology, how will you even start the project? Here arises the need of outsourcing the project to an offshore company. When you outsource the project to an external vendor, then it will free your energies, and you will be focused on only one thing. All other factors like infrastructure and technology will be the headache of the offshore company, and he will take the responsibility for all the business process related to the project.

• It costs you way more than expected:

It is normal to operate an e-commerce website but what if its internal structure gets affected. You are in no position to hire experienced mobile application developers. If you outsource the project to an offshore company, it can benefit you with cost-effectiveness. And for the fact, reduced cost doesn’t mean that the quality of the work will be poor. The services provided are of high-quality and that too at a reduced cost.

Moreover, you will be paying half of what you were to pay to the in-house app developer.

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