Agromarket – Digital Agrimarket Platform

Agromarket is an agricultural product and service marketing platform that, is made to help people get the best prices for their agricultural products. We aim to provide the best platform where people related to the agriculture industry can perform hassle-free trade. The purpose of this app is to help people tackling the major Agri-trade issues prevailing in India.

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About Agromarket App

Xongolab has developed this masterpiece for one of our clients who had given us the project for developing an application that will connect all the people working in the agriculture industry. Agromarket is a one-stop solution for the entire supply chain of agriculture commodities. This platform connects producers, buyers, transporters, and aggregators to communicate effectively so people can perform hassle-free trade practices whenever they want. The app is developed by considering all the relevant aspects of the agricultural trade and special focus has been given to the UI/UX of the app to make it more accessible among the users.

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Features of Digital Agrimarket App

  • Explore Marketplace
  • Explore Analytics
  • Cost Analyzer
  • Search and Match Engine
  • List and Sell Product
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Reports & Analytics

Walk Through Screens

As we can see that Agriculture sector is the largest one so the scope of expanding the business is also high here. You can simply have access to the Global market and trade anytime by just using the app. Our customized features and UI/UX separate our exceptionally designed app from others. Have a look at our designs for a better understanding.

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