The Apple World Wide Developers Conference heals at San Joes on June 4 –8. Thousands of talented technical creators attended the conference from round the word. This annual WWDC event led by CEO Tim Cook, where he introduced all the latest updates for iOS 12 and the new macOS.

So, this year we expect the introduction of new features like eliminating bugs and improving performance. Apple also has the new update for iPhones and iPads, it will include some significant additions, changes, and improvements.

The features draw the attraction of audience are Screen Time, Memoji, Group FaceTime, and grouped notifications are some of the new things that you’ll notice. When you install iOS 12 this fall (or sooner if you join the beta coming later this month).

Now you need to gear up for drive where you will know more about the details about updates from apple.

The new Walkie-Talkie in Watch:
You heard it right! Apple watches will work like Walkie-Talkie. “You press to talk, and your friend can hear your voice — like a walkie-talkie,” said Kevin Lynch, Apple’s head of Watch software.

This feature work on approval base. If I want to talk to you, then you need to accept my request for walkie-talkie message. Besides, it automatically starts monitoring your workout. You didn’t need to inform for tracking, even if you don’t tell you were doing it.

– This new feature allows users to stay in touch without using their phones.

Speed is the Main Focus:
Apple served full focus on the performance of older iPhones and iPads. Apple is working to speed things up for the full range of devices supported by iOS 12. The updates will solve the speed issues for users, devices are no more under heavy load it will provide higher speed and prolonging battery life and many more features.

Let’s dig into the main features introduced by the Apple:

* You can say “Times up” to you phone:
Apple wants their user will maintain healthy life balance between gadgets and life. The new feature screen time will break down usage of the app by categories and track the app send you the notification most.

Screen time will show user app usage habit details app wise. User can set the time for a particular app. If you extend the limit a “time’s up” message will display on the screen. But, what if you want to use application for more time? You can request more time.

Apple has also worried about their kids’ users, they have applied to the parental control system. This feature will allow users’ parents for oversight and supervision.

* No more worries about mess in Notifications:
Apple has mess when it comes to notifications. Every apple user will complain about the notification setting. So, this time apple has come up with the solution called ” Group Notification”.

Through this feature you will able to interact or decline the notification at the same time. Even though you can “quite” notifications for an app. It will not lock the screen or vibrate. Apple wants their users to have more authority over the app notifications.

* Emoji that look like you ” Memoji”
Apple introduced this feature as a personalized avatar. In the new IOS 12 you will able to create emoji of your looks. You wonder how’s that even possible, apple make it possible that technology. You have heard about Bitmoji and Nintendo’s Mii characters or might have used it. Memoji is a combination of both.

You can create it and send it to your friend. This cool feature has thousands of options to choose from. Range of hair styles, hair color’s, skin tone, face shapes and whatnot. It seems like Apple has put a lot of work on the Memojis.

* 32 Individuals can do group facetime!!
This sound so next to level thing. Apple’s this feature in face time include up to a staggering 32 people. You might wonder how you can see the people in small screen! So here is the catch when the person speaks the screen will expand and the other screen will shrink.

What if you feel bore with the same face on screen? Then you can add live Animoji and Memoji characters during calls.

– Hand shake with augmented Reality:

Apple is working a lot of this AI technology. If you look into the market a lot of companies have used this technology in the business. So, Apple has introduced few apps which support augmented reality.

1. Measure App:
Now you can measure anything from the IOS 12. All you have to do is frame the walls around you click on the point from where you want to measure and drag it to and point. It will show the exact numbers in measurement.

2. ARKIT 2:
The Ultimate gaming, AI experience. You can target the blank space and 2 users at the same time can see play the game. It feels like a real game with 2 players. Both devices show duplicate screen for users. This 3D play will give user experience of real game.

Other than this features Events has a lot of features to offer for the user like:

* Photos for you will show your personalized list of pictures you share with people in the past. Friends who receive photos are prompted to share back their own pics and video from the same event.

* Siri is open to “Third-Party” apps can build and carry out to another quick action to take.

* Car play is apple’s in car platform where it supports most popular turn-by-turn navigation apps — Google Maps and Waze — after the launch of iOS 12.

* Apple has included the news with the stock app, it will provide the stock updates might be relevant to your current investment.

* The books have all new branding. Now user can search with titles and collect the books as well.

* The Voice Memos app has come to the iPad It will, helpfully, your recordings will now be available across devices thanks to cloud syncing.

Apple IOS 12 has a lot to say for future technology in the Market. It’s crystal clear that iOS 12 is focused on improving on existing features rather than bombarding users with brand-new features. It is expected that on September for the final iOS 12 software enter with new iPhones.

Posted by : Ankit Patel

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